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Why TJM is Special

  • 1.Japanese Women Only

    99.95% of our female members have Japanese citizenship. Some of our female members have Korean citizenship, but living in Japan.

  • 2.Verified Members Only

    All of our members undergo our special screening to ensure everyone’s safety and expectations are met.

  • 3.Exceptional Members Only

    We only accept men and women as members who are sincerely seeking a happy marriage.

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TJM’s Preliminary Consultation includes a 30 minute Matchmaking Evaluation with one of
our experienced matchmakers.Required document for the Preliminary Consultation is a copy
of your current valid passport photo page.


Create Your Profile

After the Preliminary Consultation, please create your profile if you would like to receive
your potential matches.


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You will receive 3-5 of your potential matches selected by our experts based on the personal
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Connect with Your Matches via Skype

We arrange Skype Meetings where you connect with your carefully selected matches.
You can continue communicating with your preferred matches by email or via Skype.


Meet Your Preferred Matches in Japan

Meet your preferred matches in person in Japan at meetings organized by EJM.
We recommend that you consider our Intensive Plan, offered at a special rate,
if you are able to visit Japan within 3 months of signing up for our membership.

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国際結婚相談所・TJM のマッチメーカーおよびスタッフメンバーをご紹介します。


松本直子 まつもとなおこ


Founder, CEO and Certified Personal Matchmaker

松本直子は、国際結婚相談所・TJM・トラディショナルジャパニーズマッチメーカー(旧Kaiwa-USA)  (の創業者であり、代表を務めている。また、現役マッチメーカー(仲人士)として世界基準の資格を持ち、仕事に携わっている。




  2010年ロサンゼルスを皮切りに、ニューヨーク、東京、シンガポール、サンフランシスコと、世界主要都市にて外国人男性と出会うための婚活イベントを現地で実施。世界中から独身男女が参加できるスピードデート、バーベキューパーティーなどを主催。また、女性の意識向上のためのファッションセミナーやカラーコーディネートセミナーなどのイベントも開催している。 現在はオンラインを中心に出会いのイベントや婚活セミナーを実施。


  国際結婚相談所・TJM は創業22年目以上の実績。スタッフ一同、みなさまの幸せな結婚に携われることを誇りに思っている。

If You Think…

  • Tired of Onlinedating?
  • Just too busy?
  • Need professional assistance?

YES!We are here for you!

TJM’s matchmakers will assist you in finding your ideal partner
who will make your life fabulous!

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Our Misson

Finding your solution is TJL’s mission.
TJL has over 15 years of relationship building experience to assist you in finding
your right partner.There are many clients who reached their goals after having
TJL’s consultation.No one teaches you about “True Love” and “Happy Marriage”
in school. But everyone needs to learn these skills.

Don’t waste your life with ruined relationships, sign up for a consultation with one of TJL’s experienced advisors today!

Finding True Love and Happy Marriage is based on skills.

Let us help you improve your skills!
We promise to advise you with honesty we will keep your privacy confidential,
and we will not pressure you to enroll in our membership.
You may always decide what your next step will be.
It depends on you!TJL is always happy to assist you!

If you are really looking for a True Love and Happy Marriage,
Sign up TODAY!


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